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So it's very clear: there is no evolution, even if we see some kind of adaptations, Darwinism is 100 % wrong, and intelligent design is the only explanation to the origin of life. Trying to twist the messages by saying: " the Elohim created life on Earth but they didn't create life in the universe, so there may be evolution somewhere, is a total betrayal of the most important part of the Messages: Infinity! Pretending that the Elohim are the fruit of any kind of evolution is denying infinity. The Elohim always existed and will exist forever even if they pass their knowledge to people they create" in their image throughout the universe just in case some cataclysmic event at a higher lever destroy their part of the universe. We must never forget that the Universe is infinite in space and time and that everything that exists has always existed and will always exist. Pretending that there is some kind of beginning is denying infinity and going back to a primitive vision of the universe. It's a betrayal of the Elohim's most important teaching. Rael

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