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Wrong leaders want to be the only ones who can manage, that's bad leadership. Good leaders try to have everybody who assist him better than himself. That's the power of a team. We are a team, and each member is important in this team, and that's why we have to train everybody around us to be able to replace us anytime. Rael

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  • When you start to have responsibilities in the organization, that's one of the first things I teach to the guides: All your energy must be focused on not being indispensable, as soon as you accept the responsibility in front of the Elohim, make sure that you can disappear and everything will go smoothly, by giving training and formation to people who assist you, by bringing everybody around you higher and higher, making people who help you better than yourself. Rael - 1 day(s) ago
  • When you take a decision, a commitment, when you say: "Maitreya I want to help you". Be careful, it's a very serious matter. Of course you are always free to leave, but if you really come and say: "Maitreya I want to help you", you cannot change your mind after one week, specially if you tell me: "Maitreya I will help you until I die". You cannot send me an e-mail after one year saying: "I'm sorry but I found a beautiful Raelian girl and we will have a family together". This is bad for us, bad for the Movement, but bad for yourself, mainly bad for yourself. Rael - 2 day(s) ago
  • What is the priority in your life? The Elohim and the Message? or making money? Or making a baby? It takes a lot of devotion, and fidelity to stay, because many people are enthusiastic one day for something, and another day for something else. .. .Or are you really, REALLY, ready to help me until the end? Rael - 3 day(s) ago

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