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Sentence consciousness of the day

We don't need money, we don't need weapons, we need peace and love. Everything bad on earth happens because of the politicians. Politicians are the cancer of humanity, get rid of politicians everywhere. Raël

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Every day a new sentence

  • Internet is like a network of connections between all the neurons that we are. Without internet we are separated neurons. Thanks to the internet all the neurons are connected. Raël - 1 day(s) ago
  • Nothing is bigger than the Messages, because the Messages are Messages from infinity, not only from Elohim. I am not the Messenger of Elohim only, I am the Messenger of infinity. And when you help me, you not only become messenger of Elohim, you also become messengers of infinity, and you feel it when you wake up. Raël - 2 day(s) ago
  • You Raelians, are the soldiers of the Elohim on earth, the soldiers of consciousness, the army of love, that's what you are. Raël - 3 day(s) ago

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