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Sentence consciousness of the day

Being a Raelian, is not only being a Messenger of Infinity, not only being a Messenger of Elohim, but being the most revolutionary people on earth. That's what you are. Raël

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Every day a new sentence

  • The future of society is without money because money is a poison given to you by the government. Raël - 1 day(s) ago
  • Geniocracy, yes, it's good, to have a group of geniuses, intelligent people together, thinking about what kind of future humanity can have, and giving ideas and people accept it or not, but no power. Because power destroys freedom, creates violence, creates poverty, creates hunger. Raël - 2 day(s) ago
  • Some people have the power and the money and they want more. They want everybody else to be slaves, to work, pay taxes, obey, no freedom, that's what they want, but for them freedom, money, power, everything they want and corruption. And this is true everywhere. So the real revolution to come is a revolution that is not changing the government but destroying any form of government. In a future humanity, we don't need any government. Raël - 3 day(s) ago

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