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Sentence consciousness of the day

Compassion is to think of the amount of suffering this man or this woman must have to be so bad, so disrespectful with you : "this person must be suffering so much, that I need to help''. To be neutral is not enough. To say ''I will not be affected, no problem'', it's just controlling a bad emotion. Instead, it is better to enter a good positive emotion. Raël

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  • The people who are mean, angry, insulting, are not bad, there is no bad people, they are just suffering. They are just not happy, they are just depressed, desperate. They have so much garbage inside themselves, they need somebody to throw it at. Raël - 1 day(s) ago
  • Natural Anarchy ( the natural order when no power is in place) includes Paradism where work has been taken over by robots and computers. It also includes geniocracy where the most intelligent people gather to guide and counsil Humanity without using any power. So the best path is to push forward all these ideas in parallel A political party that proposes Paradism can be in favor of Anarchy and Geniocraty at the same time. To summarize, this party could be called the Paradist-Anarchist-Geniocratic party or any other combination of these 3 words. Raël - 2 day(s) ago
  • The Elohim gave us a Message not only to explain where we come from, not only to explain why we are here, but to explain what beautiful heaven we can create with this planet, if we apply their teachings, which are : destroying all powers and governments, destroying money, and creating one unified planet. That's why the Elohim need you. Raël - 3 day(s) ago

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