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Compassion is a very beautiful quality which was thought by every Buddha. But compassion for others cannot be good if we do not have compassion for ourselves.We cannot have love and compassion for other people, if we don’t start by having love and compassion for ourselves. Raël

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  • We are not human, we are consciousness. We are one with every consciousness in the infinite universe. Humans are our brothers and sisters, so are the trees, so are the animals, so are every life in the universe of infinity. Then we realize we are one with everything, and no more violence and peace and love forever. Don’t feel human. Don’t feel Japanese. Feel love. Raël - 1 day(s) ago
  • And remember, first love yourself, really, even with the mistakes or the problems or the bad part of your personality. Even if you did in your past some terrible mistakes, love yourself because these mistakes are part of you and thanks to theses mistakes you can do good things in the future. Even if you killed somebody in the past, love yourself, have compassion for yourself. Then you will have the energy to save the life of other people.Even if you killed people then you can save more people than the ones you killed. Raël - 2 day(s) ago
  • First love for yourself, because you cannot give love to other people if you don’t really love yourself completely. Feel that you are the Elohim. Don’t think “I love Yahweh but me, I am nothing’’ or “I love Elohim and Yahweh but me, I am nothing’’, no, that’s not good! Remember that the Elohim made us in their image. Raël - 3 day(s) ago

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